Frequently Asked Questions

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What is 925 Sterling Silver?

925 sterling silver is genuine sterling silver jewellery that has the .925 sterling stamp.

At The Hidden Gem if the jewellery does not have the stamp, we have a copy of the 925 sterling silver certificate from our suppliers of proof of its authenticity.

All of our jewellery, unless specified in the description of the item, is made of 925 sterling silver.

What Does Gold Plated Jewellery Mean?

At The Hidden Gem, unless specified in the jewellery description, all of our gold jewellery is 925 sterling silver with 14k gold plating.

This is a thin layer of 14k gold that is bonded (coated) onto 925 sterling silver that gives the visual appearance of 14k gold products, without the 14k solid gold price tag!

Gold plating is real gold but because the plated gold is used in smaller quantities, it is a more affordable option to solid gold.

How Do I Ensure the Longevity of My Jewellery?

The copper blend in the 925 sterling silver that makes the jewellery hard and durable can react to oxygen, moisture and sulphur in the air.

To keep your jewellery clean and long lasting ensure that you remove the jewellery when applying perfume or body lotion, keep the jewellery stored in a dust proof storage boxes (or your Hidden Gem velvet lined bags!) and clean them using warm soapy water and clean with a cotton ball or a soft cotton cloth.

How Do I Maintain My Earrings To Ensure That They Are Long Lasting and Durable?

It's simple! Take a few simple measures and they will stand the test of time.

Try to avoid wearing them in the shower or spraying aerosols directly at them and try keep them stored out of direct sunlight.

All of our earrings are posted in a velvet lined gift bag, which is perfect for storing your earrings!